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Below you will see a brief list of our clientele. Beneath the example picture or company logo you will find a short informative synopsis of what that particular customer was looking for and the solution that Gate West was able to provide. You may also click on these example pictures/logos to be taken directly to their websites.



Integrated Messaging Inc. (IMI)

IMI needed a solution to upgrade a mission critical data feed that delivered customer information to their web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gate West helped IMI analyze their requirements and then put together a clear upgrade path that met their needs. We carefully performed a transition where we transfered their data feed from an existing un-encrypted web site to a full 128-bit encrypted, password protected web site.

Agrometeorological Centre of Excellence (ACE)

Based in Carman, Manitoba, ACE monitors climate conditions by collecting weather data from about 200 weather stations across the province. Maps are prepared by ACE using the latest in weather and forecasting software. Gate West developed an extensive web-based administration system which allows the ACE team to post these maps to the web site using very user friendly, easy to use forms.

Family Life Network (FLN)

Family Life Network is a non-profit Christian organization whose primary purpose is to help people build healthy relationships with God, family and friends. Gate West developed an extensive web-based administration tool to help them share information with their offices and their partners world wide. Their offices are located in Canada, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Gate West Example Flash

The above link is a sample flash animation to show you just what can be done with just some of the new multimedia tools on the web today. Please allow a few seconds for the animation to load.


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